Lunar New Year 2016 Outfit

     Happy Lunar New Year!

    For this year, I didn't have enough time to actually tailor my traditional Vietnamese dress ( Áo Dài), so I created a different look but still incorporate the famous Vietnamese handmade silk to it. I wore this simple and elegant white dress from Forever21. It has an opening at the bottom which gives the dress a more feminine look. To add my Vietnamese touch to it, I added the scarf from the traditional silk and tied it around my neck. Not only it looks elegant but It gives my outfit a touch of Vietnamese tradition.

     This is a close up of my red and gold silk scarf. Red and gold are the traditional New Year color because it represents good luck and prosperity. 

     Aside from wearing the silk as a scarf, I changed it up by wearing it as a headband. It brings me back to my old days when I was a kid. 

     Outfit links:

    Dress: alternatives here | here | here

    Shoes: Steve Madden



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