How I Style My MVMT Watch

     I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work with MVMT Watches. They are sponsoring me this beautiful watch and I create an outfit around it. I really love this look because it fits me perfectly! I like the simple and edgy aspect of this outfit. MVMT Watches have many different minimalistic watch designs and amazing quality leather straps. If you have minimalistic and modern watches then MVMT Watches are for you! You will not get disappointed with the quality or the design. The leather strap is soft and easy to break in. The face is good size that helps to see time easier and can we talk about the importance of the date?? I love watches that come with the date feature! Because there are many times where I am out and about and need to check what date it is but either my phone isn't on me or it died, and I cannot check what date it is. Therefore, I truly appreciate this small but major detail of the watch.

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