[ Layering In Fall ]

     Fall is officially here and I cannot wait to start layering with sweater and jackets to keep myself warm. Since fall is starting and in Southern California, it means it's not 90 degrees anymore. For the first outfit in fall, I want to go all out with booties and jeans and most importantly the color of fall. I love wearing green, especially hunter green. All I am really missing here is a cup of pumpkin spice latter from Starbucks right?

     There are different ways to layer your outfit. For this one, I just layer different tops and jacket and paired them with jeans and a pair of booties. These booties are killer! They're not only comfy because the heels are junky and not too high, but they are also made out of suede. I recommend you check out these at the bottom of the blog! 





    S H O P -  M Y -  L O O K


    Green button up  ||  Green jacket  ||  Jeans





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