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    OUTFIT #1





    A white top and a pair of jeans are my go to items when I wanna look casual yet a bit put together. is kind enough to sponsor this post for me and gave me these two tops. The first one is with the fun, flow-y bell sleeves that add elegance to the entire outfit. I paired it with a medium wash denim and a pop of color purse. 


    Purse: Jessica Buurman 


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    OUTFIT #2 





    For the second look, I want to add a sexy touch to the outfit so I paired this off-the-shoulder top with separated arm elastics that keep the top stays in place. I styled for a more casual look so I paired the top with a pair of light wash denim with fringe at the bottom. I love this top with these black flats and the black purse. These contrast nicely with the outfit.



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