🎄 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 🎄


    Hello loves,


    Sorry for being mia for such a long time. I was very busy with college because of the load of projects I had. But it is all over. I am back and looking forward to give more exciting posts. I gathered a few of my personal favorites gift ideas that I would love to get this Christmas. I share them with you all and hope this gives you an idea of what you want to give to your family or friends this holiday season.


    This image literally describes who I am. I am in pjs all day if I can and I love mugs and I am on the hunt for Chelsea boots this season. This fashion trend sparkled a few weeks ago and let me tell you, I am looking for these boots non stop ever since. A pair of simple black booties would not hurt anybody right?  


    In addition, I added a few of my favorite candles. It is always good to have a burning candle in your house, not only it smells good but it keeps you feel cozy at home. These candles are the best. Let's just look at the design. It is super cute and the colors are so nice! I would just use the jar for my jewelry afterwards. 


    I hope you find this gift ideas are helpful. And don't forget to check the links down below to where to get them. Christmas is only a few days away so don't wait to last minute to pick the best gift for your family and friends. 


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