Shopping Outfit w/ Fringe Jeans


    Sometimes, winter is SoCal is bearable with just a simple light-weight outfit. I was in LA to shop at Santa Monica mall. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I thought I could wear this simple outfit. To style this look, I pair different textures, materials and details to make this look a little more chic. I pair this amazing black, lace top with a faux-turtleneck and a nice lace details on the sleeves. This top has a victorian look because it has puff shoulders which elevates this outfit up a it. 

    To my top, I wear my new absolute favorite jeans, which is this soft, light-weight fringed jeans which adds different textures and details. The fringe part is what caught my attention. I just love this jeans because of the fringe, it is just different from my regular skinny jeans.



    For my accessories, I keep it simple by wearing a pair of black sunnies with a taupe shoulder bag. This bag is incredible for shopping because you can carry so many things in it and it is very sturdy to hold many items. For some of my go to or must have accessories are a pair of trusty old black watch and a few bracelets. I also wore these cute slip-on ballerinas with heels.





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    Thank you for enjoying my post! Until next time xoxo








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