Blooming Spring Floral Pattern Into My Wardrobe







    It is always intriguing to bring some flowers into my wardrobe. It is fun and always show enough femininity, which I love. My jumpsuit is the statement piece for this look because of the on-going daisy field that give me happiness and joy when I wear it. It is from a brand called Cleobella. They have stunning pieces that are perfect for spring & summer and many upcoming festivals. 

    This jumpsuit is bold and loud so I pair it with solid color accessories: I wear this navy hat which not only helps to cover me from the sun but it also adds a bit of style to this outfit. For spring season, I LOVE to play around with colors; therefore, I pair my outfit with a SUPER CUTE burgundy cross-body bag. To finish it all off, I wear these ankle booties with small heels for some comfort and style.




    Photos are photographed and edited by me.






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