Top 5 Jackets This Winter

    This winter I have been on a hunt for different coat and jacket options because I know that I want to layer more different pieces and play around with textures. So here are some of my top favorite finds:



    Airport style
    casual yet eye catching while walking around the crowded LAX airport. It is a show stopper with this vibrant
    bumble bee jacket.



    R&R style
    While this bunny-look-alike jacket gives you comfort but because of its soft and thick material, it gives warmth as well. It is nice for SoCal weather. 





    Outer space madness 
    I've never owned anything like this space-like bomber jacket. This is puffy which is perfect for street style, if you want to pair with a casual sweat pants or joggers, I think it will look super cute!




    Meeting attire
    I always love the idea of a boss babe coat where you can just throw it on and it automatically elevates your outfit.



    Coffee Run
    This teddy bear jacket is the one you will literally live in. I lost count of how many times it is so nice to throw this jacket on and run out of the house. It is lightweight but it keeps you warm.




    I hope you like this post and stay warm this winter babes 




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