// the Trend No. 3 // the new perfume everyone should have!


    I am happy to work with House of Sillage on this blog post. They are a
    brand that specializes in perfume with avant-garde bottle design. They pay
    attention to the inspiration and the details of each and every bottle.
    Their new line is targeted towards millennials which the perfumes are more
    affordable but they are still perfume and in line with the elegance of the brand. The Trend line is my favorite because there are different bottle designs that I feel
    like it fits everyone. The bottles are refillable and portable, which is perfect for on the go.My favorite scent is the - No. 3. Its floral scent brings me back to the
    memory I have with cherry blossoms blooming during the cool season of
    spring. It gives me a sense of relaxation as well as comfort when I wear
    it. The design of the bottle has pink flowers which give it a more
    feminine feel but the scent is one that can definitely be worn by anyone.







    Photographed by: Nancy Le. Edited a& directed by me.

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